BALLOONS OVER HUE will be the place for entertainment and bring the new feelings and the most memorable experiences in your life. This is the unique form of entertainment that is attracting the curiosity and brings a new and unforgettable impression for the tourists. Try one time this experience of flying in the sky along with the hot air balloon, it’s definite that is a beautiful memory which is engraved in everyone’s heart.

Especially, “Balloons Over Hue” has been officially taken place and is attracting attentions of not only domestic but also international tourists. When visiting Ana Mandara Hue you shouldn’t miss the chance to experience in flying in the sky along with hot air the balloons in Hue city.

Balloons Over Hue

“Experiencing in flying along with the hot air balloon” officially brings to customers 2 forms.

Hot air balloon Tether Fly: the hot air balloon flies up and down in place at the height from 30m to 50m and moves slightly in the space of the airport. Each flight is 5 minutes at every weekend, taking off from 17h30, 18h to 20h.

Hot air balloon flies freely: the hot air balloon carries the tourists at the height from 200m to 500m and move with the wind in a radius from 3km to 5km. Each flight is from 40 minutes to 45 minutes. Discovering the natural landscape of Hue city with the service of flying freely which is reserved one day in advance on weekdays.

Flying along with the hot air balloon – A new form of entertainment for young people nowadays and a unique sightseeing experience in Hue. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover all angles of the imperial capital from the blue sky!